Elder Safety Update

Elder Safety Update

Dear Church Family,

As your elected Elders, we are responsible for the spiritual health and well-being of Christ's church. We cherish each one of you and we take our responsibility very seriously, especially during these trying times with COVID-19.

We know you are aware of the guidelines to prevent the spread of the virus. And we know you agree to follow best practices each time you attend an event on our beloved church campus, so we know that you are willing to do what is necessary.

As members of our COVID-19 safety team, we have condensed the requirements for safety into two simple actions when in the company of others:

  • Always maintain a minimum 6-feet distance from anyone that you don’t live with

  • Wear a properly fitting mask over your nose and mouth at all times

How easy that sounds! But we are human, and we are tired of being separated even in our gathering together in Christ. We become a bit lax in our rule following. It is too easy to pull down the mask so we can hear more clearly, see another’s smile, or sip a drink of water or coffee. We step closer to each other. “What harm can that do in just a few seconds?” we ask ourselves. Just ask a physician or critical-care nurse in the ICU what harm that can do.

We expect our pastors, church staff and volunteers to remind us of our responsibility. But they are our spiritual shepherds, not our physical shepherds. They care deeply and sacrificially for us, and they count on us to keep them safe. It is up to each of us to offer God’s protecting love to our staff, to each other, and to all those we come in contact with. Knowing what God wants from us makes our decision to follow the rules about COVID-19 more than just a practical one. It is a spiritual calling and an invitation from Jesus, who is saying, “Come, follow me.”

In Christ, on behalf of your Session (current Elders)

Le' Kubow & Mel Neville