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New College of Marriage Material Each Tuesday

New College of Marriage Material Each Tuesday

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College of Marriage has gone online! Each Tuesday starting May 5, 2020 new Modules will be added to the class. Take classes at your convenience and build a positive marriage at your own pace. As part of building disciples, we are offering in depth study into Christian marriage. The college of marriage is designed to strengthen and enrich marriages. The curriculum is presented in 5 modules of 3 session each for a total of 15 sessions. The material combines a Biblical view of marriage with clinical and researched based skills to strengthen and enhance marriage. The curriculum is appropriate for satisfied couples seeking to further enhance their relationship, couples who have some areas of struggle, and engaged couples preparing for marriage. Participants may take individual sessions but are encouraged to complete the entire coursework.

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Facilitators: Scott Wood, licensed marriage and family therapist. Carolyn Klusmeier, marriage and family therapist associate. Liane Wilson, licensed marriage and family therapist.

Cost: Free

The following Modules are now open:

Module 1 Marriage 101, An Introduction

Module 2 How to Love

Module 3 Family Origin

Module 4 Handling Conflict - (Part 1 Self-Regulation)

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