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Young Families: Strengthen Your Marriage (6 Week Community Group)

Young Families: Strengthen Your Marriage (6 Week Community Group)

  • 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.
  • Online an In-Person (Lower Fireside Room)

A six-session small group study with other couples.

“Strengthen Your Marriage (

Each couple will receive a book with practical insights and exercises about various topics (finances, communication, in-laws, etc.)

An online assessment for each person—a tool that identifies the uniqueness of each one, blends the information about the couple, and provides a report explicitly geared for you to get you thinking, talking, and planning.

  • Introduction in-person session for couples to meet our hosts Chuck and Nancy Deckert on January 16

  • 4 Sessions done via zoom to make it easier on families with children, along with two in-person sessions to help everyone connect.

  • We will provide couples with a copy of the book and a link to take the online assessment before the sessions.

  • During the sessions, we’d have opportunities to let the couples share their experiences and reflect.

  • A final in-person celebration session to reflect on everything we have learned.

Contact Chuck and Nancy Deckert with any questions: or

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