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In-Person Children & Student Program

In-Person Children & Student Program

  • 9:30am - 10:30am
  • Meet by the fountain

Student and Children programs are now meeting in-person.

All students and children will be checked in by staff before programming. Children 5th grade and below will have their activities in the fellowship center adjacent to the courtyard, while middle school and high school students will be upstairs in the high school room also known as the Highway Room.

Students, children, staff, and volunteers will follow all appropriate safety protocols and measures encouraged by the state such as exercising social distancing, vocal projectile sounds such as screaming, yelling or singing, handling of objects by multiple individuals, etc.. All students and Adults are required to wear masks and social distancing is being monitored.

We do recognize that children on occasion may periodically exhibit childlike behaviours, but our staff and volunteers will create programs that will keep our youth safe from the possible spread of Covid-19 and other potentially harmful germs.

We are all so thankful to be meeting in person again.

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