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“We are being transformed into his image.” 2 Corinthians 3:18
Class: How Jesus' Prophecy Shapes Our Priorities

Class: How Jesus' Prophecy Shapes Our Priorities

  • 6:00 pm
  • Fellowship Center

We may not be at the end of the world, but we are at “The World of the End.” Our world is in bad shape, and sometimes we feel that way too, don’t we?

In our better moments we know we’re encompassed by God’s blessing, yet we seem to struggle mightily with anxiety, fear, resentment, and discouragement. The chaos of the world seeps into our hearts. Fear can erode faith if we let it. Is that true for you? At times, it sure is for me.

From long experience, I’ve learned that staying mentally healthy in a crumbling world is our daily assignment, and we can’t do it without a buoyant spiritual foundation for our lives. We need God! We need Christ and His teachings. We need the Holy Spirit and his indwelling. And we need the scripture and its prophecies about the future.

In these lessons I want to show you a special scene in the Bible in which the teachings of Christ, the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and the prophetic words of God come together in a chapter that too often is overlooked. We call it the “Olivet Discourse.”

“Our guiding vision comes from the words of Jesus. ‘From the believers will flow living waters.’ - John 7:38”