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“We are being transformed into his image.” 2 Corinthians 3:18
Christmas Tree of Remembrance

Christmas Tree of Remembrance

  • 10:30 AM
  • Courtyard

Christmas Tree of Remembrance Sign-Ups November 6, 13 and 20 (Courtyard) Ornaments Distributed November 20 and 27 (Courtyard) Blessing of the Tree and Hanging of the Ornaments, Sunday, December 4

As we approach the season of Advent we are aware that it is a season of remembering. We remember that God loved us so very deeply that he sent his son so that we might never be separated, whether by life or death, from the love of Christ. And so, it is fitting that we also remember the gift of love, given to us by God, through our loved ones who have died and gone before us.

This year we will erect a Christmas Remembrance Tree as a part of our holy days’ decorations. You will have an opportunity to pick up an ornament and place a picture of your loved one inside. On Sunday morning, December 4, we will gather to bless the Remembrance Tree and hang our ornaments. (Special accommodations are provided for those unable to attend) Please mark your calendars for this very special and new way to honor the memory of those we so dearly miss.

“Our guiding vision comes from the words of Jesus. ‘From the believers will flow living waters.’ - John 7:38”