Thank you for a great website, Luke!

Thank you for a great website, Luke!

This website is the brainchild of our own Luke Graham, Director of Communication and Tech. It’s unique, simple and most importantly, a powerful tool for our staff and key leaders. Members and guests will enjoy the ease of use -  note how everything is within “one click” from the headers across the top. NEWS and EVENTS can be filtered by department on the MINISTRIES page, sorting by newest to latest content. 

I’ve worked in three churches as an ordained minister, but never with a site as clever and effective as this one. As an example, when we needed to quickly get a word out about our facilities after a minor crisis, we created an article with a picture and posted it within 10 minutes. Before, we could never have done anything like that, and certainly not with that kind of speed. 

I’m not the only staff person who is feeling the joy of having something we can utilize for ministry. Our High School Director, Richard Klusmeier, proclaimed, “This is the first time I’ve felt empowered by our website.” 

Luke inherited the previous site, and we’ve known we needed to do something for a while. But we wanted something great, and something we could be proud of. Recently Luke completed advanced training and picked up the knowledge on how to create something of his own design, philosophy and values. 

I watched the creation process unfold, and noted how Luke made adjustments to best meet the needs of our faith family and staff. Now, instead of having to constantly work through one person to publicize material, content is loaded added to our site by multiple staff for their own ministry area. 

If you’re not a “techie” or web designer, it may be hard to appreciate the uniqueness of our new site. As an example, note how Liz Virkler, who oversees our concert series, can publish events into next year and subsequently notify her large base of concert supporters. Liz has built up a large group of people who appreciate our free concerts, and now all those people can potentially “share” each event on their own social media. And Elaine Johnson, our Missions Coordinator, can do the same thing with mission events and stories. She’s even started collecting testimonies from our own missionaries. 

In short, we are benefiting from the countless hours Luke put into this project, and he’s not finished. He’s still refining things. We’re only beginning to utilize everything we can do now. 

I won’t forget how we got here or who is responsible, and I could use your help with a few things. 

  1. Please thank Luke when you see him.

    Gratitude and thanksgiving are appropriate. Or better yet, pick him up a Starbucks coffee (or gift card).


  2. Share any news article or event on your own social media account(s).

    It’s free publicity and it promotes the ministries and missions of our faith family.


  3. Prayerfully consider your own written or video testimonial.

    You’ve got a story of transformation to tell, and I’d be happy to help you record or write your story ( We now have a great way to share your testimony!


Websites don’t have signatures on them for people to pass along their thanks. The credit for this belongs to Luke. Thank him.

And thank you for being a part of our faith family, and for being patient as we worked through a better way to communicate the wonderful things God is doing in our midst. 

I love my church, a place of great people! And I’m grateful for faithful staff, and disciples of Jesus, like Luke.