Blessing Our Local Community

Blessing Our Local Community

Have you ever thought about all of the opportunities this church offers? I could fill up this whole column with ways we are working among ourselves and in the community to bless others.

I received a list of all of the Outreach Ministry Events that occurred in this church in 2019. There were 59,271 items (bags of clothing, toys, dozens of cookies, loaves of bread, pounds of fruit, soup cans, summer care packages, underwear, socks, meals, jeans, and Thanksgiving Bags) that were donated to help others. At least 235 people were involved to help with deliveries or building, but many others helped donate all of these items. In addition, $9568 was donated to help beyond the item donations. Wow! We do love our community and are making an impact in so many ways!

I definitely think the Power of the Spirit is within us. We are soaking in the Spirit and listening to how we are being called to be a blessing to others.

I have been flipping back and forth between going to the Saturday night service and coming on Sunday mornings due to different obligations. I used to be a Saturday night attendee but now need to pick and choose each week. Saturday night I saw someone that I haven’t seen for a few weeks, and she was wondering what happened to me. She couldn’t believe that I would leave the church. I said, “No way would I leave this church. I love my faith family and am so happy to be involved as we grow in Christ together!”

When you are with friends, feel free to brag about and invite them to our church. They can meet new friends, be blessed by God, and bless others with their experience of living in the spirit.