Get Involved in Community Outreach

Get Involved in Community Outreach

I hope you are ready for getting involved in our community this year. The Focus Team is working on Outreach with regards to Marketing, Local Missions, Ministry Fit and the John 7:38 Plan to reach new people. On March 7, we are launching our goal to have 100% congregational involvement in local missions. We have three ways you can be involved: Pray, Participate or Promote.

Pray – One local mission a month will be featured, and we would like you to pray daily or weekly for them. We will try to give specific things they need to keep in your prayers.

Participate – Get involved by donating items, packing lunches, building, delivering bread, or do something for a local mission project. We will advertise mission projects in which you can participate.

Promote – Talk to people about what our church is doing with missions. Highlight it on social media or tell your friends. Let them know you love your church and community. Frequently our website is updated with current projects or results, so share the website ( with your friends.

At the worship services beginning March 7, we will provide you with a Local Mission Bookmark that identifies the mission of the month and how you can be involved. Fill out the bottom of the card with your contact information and what you are committing to do for this mission. Tear off this section and put it in the offering plate. Take home the top part of the card so you can keep the mission information.

Be part of our Outreach Focus for 2020. I Love My Church, and We Love Our Community.

Thank you from our Focus Team—Bryan Stamper, Barbara Angius, Chuck Deckert, Mike Hughes, Deborah Kelly, and Rosina Krefft.