High School Mission Trip recap

High School Mission Trip recap

This trip was honestly life changing for me; I gained so many amazing experiences, memories, and friendships. The people we worked with have an amazing joy for life and it definitely rubbed off on our team as we served.

Here is a recap from our week and a half stay:

  • Thursday: Travel and rest day. We were staying at a missionary compound in Boca Chica.

  • Friday: We went to the work site, the location we were going to do VBS in. We also walked around and talked to people in the community we would be running a church service for on Saturday.

  • Saturday: We ran three separate mini VBS programs in the morning. After lunch, we ran an event at a local church where we played with the local kids in the afternoon and had a service for the adults in the evening.

  • Sunday: We walked around the community we would be running VBS programs over the next three days and invited people to come, in the afternoon we traveled to a larger local church and participated in their service. It was pretty amazing to see the different culture.

  • Monday - Wednesday: We ran a VBS program in the morning and worked on a house rebuilding project for an elderly member of a local church in the afternoon.

  • Thursday: Traveled to Santo Domingo, and had a day off, touring the colonial zone.

  • Friday: Our group helped with the construction of a cinder block house, and painted an orphanage. We had time in the evening to go to the beach, which was very warm.

  • Saturday: Ran a VBS program for a church community in Santo Domingo.

  • SundayPacked up, flew home and shared stories of how God changed so many lives from our team.

I am so grateful to all the church members of RB Community who generously supported us on this trip.