Join us in singing Handel's MESSIAH

Join us in singing Handel's MESSIAH

Hello Singer Friends,

This year, RB Community Church’s Chancel Choir is performing Messiah (Part 1) for our Christmas Concert. The choir and I delightfully extend an invitation for you to join us! I know many of you have sung this beloved work before, and perhaps there are a few who have have not; either way, we would love to have you!

The choir meets Thursday evenings from 7-9pm in the choir room, and from now on until the Christmas Concert on December 8th we are devoting 8-9pm to Messiah (more time as the concert nears). We also have four Saturday rehearsals, counting the dress rehearsal, and rehearsal tracks available via Dropbox.

Of course, the more rehearsal time you spend with the choir, the better, but we understand people cannot make every rehearsal. I ask that you either make all Saturday rehearsals, or 8 hours of of Thursdays and Saturdays. As always, I am willing to work around travel, work, and family commitments as much as possible. Just remember, even though you may know your part well, there are numerous stylistic and musical elements you will only catch in rehearsal.

Below are the dates for Saturday rehearsals. The dress rehearsal is mandatory unless previously excused by Liz. We also highly recommend you attend all or part of the choir retreat, where we will spend the day with a guest conductor working on various aspects of singing, as well as the Messiah choruses.

Saturday, November 2 - Choir Retreat (9am-3pm; $15 & includes lunch)

Saturday, November 16- Concert rehearsal (9-11am)

Saturday, November 23 - Concert rehearsal (9-11am)

Saturday, December 7 - Dress Rehearsal (9-noon; choir call 10:30-noon)

December 8 - Concert @ 4pm (Messiah, Part 1)

Hope you’ll join us! Email Liz ( and let her know!