Meet the New Men's Ministry Coordinator

Meet the New Men's Ministry Coordinator

Hello RB Community! My name is Matt Brooks. I’m a new Elder in the Class of 2020 and my wife, Angela, and our 4-year-old son, Alan, have been a part of RB Community Church for 2 years.  I wanted to introduce myself because I’ve volunteered to organize our Men’s Ministry program in the New Year.  I love many things about our church.  I love that my son looks forward to Sunday School.  I love participating in ‘donut-hole fellowship’ on the courtyard each week.  I love seeing the volunteer turnout each time there is a need expressed by the church or community and I love the faith-centered relationships I have formed with many of you.  With a heart of gratitude for the chance to help our community, my goal is to reinforce the strengths our church through a thriving Men’s Ministry.

From discernment in prayer and talking with several members of the church, I believe we can continue building something of lasting value through the men of RB Community.  The first step is to establish a leadership team of representatives from various demographics, interests, and callings who will commit to growing and supporting the Men’s Ministry program in their area of expertise.  Input from men of all ages and backgrounds who are united by the values expressed in Faith, Family, Friendship, and Community will provide the foundation upon which to build a meaningful ministry.  Drawing on my own personal experience at RB Community, there are three areas of focus that have immediate potential:

  1. We serve our men by helping them serve their families.  We will create or connect men to content that supports flourishing familial relationships.

  2. We serve our men by helping them serve their community.  We will organize men willing to contribute.  We’ll target community needs and serve to make an impact!

  3. We serve our men by helping them serve each other.  Friendships forged in faith make stronger men.  Iron sharpens iron.

I hope to have the leadership team together soon so we can start our work in earnest.  If you are interested in contributing, I’d appreciate connecting with you (perhaps over donut-holes!). I look forward to starting this journey with all of you.     -Matt Brooks