Why I love Pastor Mofid

Why I love Pastor Mofid

Dr Mofid Wasef covers the pastoral care needs of our faith family, steadfastly visiting the sick and ministering to the needs of shut-ins. He teaches a mid-week class with a passion for Christ and a bent towards Old Testament stories. He takes Communion to retirement and assisted living facilities. And when there is a crisis, Mofid is sure to drop everything and be present for people in distress. If you know him, you smile when he greets you with his trademark blue shirt.

For those reasons and many others, members of our faith family love Mofid. 

But as a person who surveys the scope of our church community and ponders the health of the entire body, I love him for something many members of RB Community do not see. For the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of fulfilling some of the community’s pastoral care needs while Mofid is on his annual mission trip to Egypt. With every visit I make in his place, on every phone call, or with every email, there is an appreciation from those who receive Mofid’s regular care. They mention him by name with love and thanks. 

However, each person also mentions other people within the pastoral care team. It is apparent Mofid has built something much bigger than himself, for the care receivers mention the things about Mofid that are Christ-centered and his sweet disposition, but they also include the pastoral care team who offer healing, love and care - parish nurses and volunteers who complement each other’s efforts.

So like every one in our faith family, I love Mofid for his passionate commitment to Christ, his God-honoring teaching, and his kind heart. He showed kindness and grace to me when I arrived in Southern California, so it is a personal thanks. But in terms of the impact for God’s kingdom, our church has a pastor who has developed a network of care givers, over a broad range of ministries, that truly glorifies the calling Christ invites us to when He saves us. Even with Mofid’s physical absence, the care goes on through the people he’s trained, nurtured and worked beside through over 20 years of ministry. 

Mofid has done what every pastor should do:  bring others alongside the pastoral office to share the burden and joy of responsibility to do ministry, together. He’s built something wonderful that glorifies the Lord. 

So if you’re interested in working in pastoral care, you’ll be joining over 150 faithful volunteers and staff. Contact our Parish nurses for more information. EMAIL

And the next time you see Mofid, complement his blue shirt, give him a hug, and let him know he was missed.