What Can I Give?

What Can I Give?

The last few articles from Pastoral Care Ministry have discussed, “What Can I Say?” and “Who Are You Going to Call?” Now we’re gonna talk about, “What Can I Give?”

RB Community Visitation Volunteers visit and share God’s love with church members who are limited in their activities. These special people give their time, their ears and their prayers.

Here is a recent report from a visitation volunteer who has been visiting a special woman in a facility every two weeks for over 3 years.

She writes:

“I had my visit this afternoon and she is doing pretty well, although she was a bit down about her daughter asking her “what’s new?” She said that she has nothing new because she does not do anything. God once again provided a perfect reading for her from Jesus Calling about what we have to look forward to so that was very uplifting to her. He always knows what is needed, doesn’t He?”  

What a blessing for both ladies to celebrate God’s goodness together.

If you would like to join the visitation team, we are always looking for more volunteers. You will receive orientation, training and on-going support from the parish nurses.

Contact Marilyn Glover 858-487-0811 extension 272 and

Also, if you know someone who would benefit from a visit, just let us know. Who knows the friendships that await? We can give because God first gave to us.

“The greatest pain on earth is not the pain of hunger or poverty, but rather the pain of isolation, abandonment, and feeling unloved.” Mother Teresa

Share the LOVE  &  LIGHT  of JESUS

“Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” John 13:34


There are many people in our church and our community whose lives are enriched by regular visits from a compassionate Christian friend.  

  • Volunteer to visit a person who is home-bound or limited in their activities. 

  • Develop a friendship by visiting the same person every two weeks. Include devotionals and prayer each visit.  

  • Receive orientation, training and  on-going support from the parish nurse.