WANTED: Sack Lunch Packers

WANTED: Sack Lunch Packers

Would your family like to pack sack lunches for clients of Interfaith Community Services?

Rancho Bernardo Community has been providing sack lunches for Interfaith since January. What started out as an activity for small groups has transitioned into a fun family activity since COVID hit in March. It's simple and it's a great way to involve children in a service project.

Game Plan:

  • Shop for items to pack 100 sack lunches (Sandwich of PB&J or meat & cheese, chips, soft cookie or snack, water or boxed drink, soft fruit or fruit cup with spoon, napkin all packed in a gallon baggie or brown bag.)

  • Set up an assembly line to pack everything

  • Take photo of your family in action

  • Deliver sack lunches to Interfaith Community Services

  • Submit receipts for reimbursement

Thank you to RB Community Youth Group, Almost Disciple Life Group, Quilters, Carpenters, Barclay Small Group, Bokesch family, Erin Williams and her boys, Carol Ochoa and children pictured above. The Bakki's and the Brooks have already signed up for August ... we need your help.

Contact Elaine Johnson at 858-774-0822 or