Update: Baja Presbyterian Missions

Update: Baja Presbyterian Missions

The following is a thank you note from the Board members of Baja Presbyterian Missions, a little history of the non-profit supported by RB Community, and an update on their current plans:

Dear RBCPC Congregation - Baja Presbyterian Missions would like to express our most heartfelt and grateful thanks to RB Community for your support for Baja Presbyterian Missions. We all know what difficult times everyone is facing right now with the Covid-19 Pandemic and the economic crisis it has created. We were prepared to face a tough year ahead for BPM due to potential reduction of donations from churches and private individuals. We were concerned that this next year would be a challenge and along comes RB Community with an increased donation. We have been truly blessed by your generosity. God is so good ... Always!

Our History for Ministry - Chartered in 1964, Baja Presbyterian Missions is dedicated to helping the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ to love our neighbors as ourselves in the state of Baja California, from Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali, south to Roarito, Ensenada, Maneadero, and San Quintin; and all the way to the tip of the Peninsula to San Jose de Cabo and La Paz. Over the past 52 years, BPM has helped plant and build 30 churches in Baja. Baja Presbyterian Missions, Inc., promotes Christ's message of hope in Baja California in partnership with the Northwest Border Presbytery of the Mexico Presbyterian Church. Their vision includes the mission to plant and grow Presbyterian churches in Baja by raising money to help the Mexican Presbytery purchase Baja land and buildings, to fund and oversee Baja church construction projects, and to supplement a Baja pastor's salary until each church is self-sufficient.

2020-2021 Goals

  • Support church construction projects in Baja California as needed

  • Raise funds to provide salary supplements to 14 pastors

  • Finish construction of a second building at Real de Rosarito Church for classrooms and offices

  • Continue to receive donations from current donor churches and individuals; add new donors

  • Help the Mexican Presbytery open a new checking account with a Mexican and US bank

BPM asks for your prayers for the Covid-19 outbreak in Mexico to be significantly lessened and for the healing of those in our Baja church communities who have been struck with the virus to heal quickly. Pastor Robelio is our representative from the Northwest Border Presbytery and he has reported that all of the small churches are closed with pastors making weekly phone calls to parishioners while the larger churches are doing on-line services as best they can with limited access to technology. There are over 3400 Covid cases in Tijuana with over 900 deaths so far. The death rate in now over 30% as compared to 2% in San Diego County. An additional concern is that most businesses have closed in Mexico and the government does not provide assistance. Please pray for our neighbors in Baja California.

We know that RB Community has a special place for, and a big heart for, giving mission support and we will never take that for granted. We will continue to strive to improve our presence in front of your congregation, Covid rules permitting, to demonstrate how and where your mission funding is being used to bring people closer to Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Blessings to you all from the Baja Presbyterian Missions Board members