Students Unite in Prayer

Students Unite in Prayer

My name is Andrew Han, a senior at RBHS, it has been a phenomenal experience and an honor to be able to participate in “See You At The Pole” for six years and lead them for three years. I was first intrigued by this idea of a public prayer group from my pastor and decided to check it out for myself. There, for the first time, I was allured by the boisterous speeches the leader gave and envisioned myself being a leader like that in the future. And to my surprise, this honor first bestowed me when the original leader has fallen sick, and I was an alternative candidate the leader suggested. Regardless of how many times I lead the service, the feeling is always unparalleled, that we all sacrificed our time for a larger purpose, unashamed, we pray in the open to signify our devotion to make our community a better place.

With the help of numerous pastors and youth leaders, I tried my best to select biblical verses that apply to our daily life and the problems that pursue. The marvelous scene we can never forget is one where we see the community of Christians come together and pray for others, the world around us, and to abet each other’s demons they face and consign one’s issues to God. This bond will not be broken.

To learn more about "See You At The Pole" on a global scale check out their website as well as learn about plans for 2020.

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