Students Finding Balance

Students Finding Balance

Youth Finding Balance Between Digital Isolation and Social Safety

Our student ministries have continued to seek ways to reach our students throughout this constantly unfolding season of uncertainty. With Schools talking back and forth about whether they will be resuming classes in person and when, and news reporting another wave of shutdowns, our students and their families are continually processing new information, and figuring out what their future may hold.

With over twenty live online services produced for our students since April, we are well into the digital flow. Still, with in-person events slowly reopening, we are always thinking outside of the box for new, safe, socially distanced ministry events. Providing a balance between in-person and online offerings ensures students receive the opportunity to be in community with our staff and volunteers as parents feel comfortable.

We will continue to offer as many opportunities as possible to show our students they are loved and cared for as a valuable part of our faith family.