Stephen Ministers Are Here For You

Stephen Ministers Are Here For You

We are certainly in an unusual time with new unusual stresses.  Whether you are home alone, or home with a spouse and children, we want you to know that Stephen Ministers are available to talk with you and listen in this difficult time.

If you have been in your home by yourself for several weeks already, with an unknown number of weeks to come, just having a friendly person to listen to you or to talk with you might be what you need to help face the next day. 

Even strong marriages and families are facing a new dynamic when you are all in the same house for weeks on end. The irritating habit that you used to be able to ignore, now really bothers you. 

Children that are bored seem to do nothing but whine now.  Teenagers may not totally understand why you will not let them go out with their friends. Everyone is getting on each other’s nerves.

Stephen ministers are available to meet with you by phone or video chat. They are really good listeners. Often just having someone outside of the situation confidentially listen to you will help you face your problems.

Contact Barbara at - 858-484-4974 to be put in contact with a trained Stephen Minister. You do not have to be a member of this congregation, or even attend RB Community Church to reach out for help.