SouperBowl of Caring Huge Success

SouperBowl of Caring Huge Success

Dear RB Community:

On behalf of the RB Community Carpenter Fellowship, we want to express our great appreciation and a hearty “Thank you” for everyone’s efforts in making 2021’s SouperBowl of Caring another year of success in Love, Care and Giving. We could not have succeeded without the generosity of many in our church and of our neighbors in the community. The mission of the Carpenter’s Fellowship is to show “God’s Love in Action“ by helping people in any way we can.

The Carpenter's Fellowship has been collecting for SouperBowl since 2002, so this was our 20th Anniversary of sponsoring SouperBowl. Our church members and community through the years have been extremely generous in supporting this event. Over the last 19 years, they have donated a total of $62,420 and 87,323 containers of food! Although we were concerned this year might prove challenging with the pandemic, we persevered, scheduled collections over a two-day period; and, as a result had another successful event.

However, We could not have done this alone and we want to thank specifically: Elizabeth Himchak for the RB Community newspaper article; Geo Rosales for leading the Facilities team in placing the SouperBowl Banner; Joyce and Chuck Shroeder for coordinating and setting tables; Luke Graham and Elaine Johnson for creating and posting our event on the church website and various social media websites; Frances Lin for staff Leadership and coordination support; Nikki Butera for providing additional signage for posting Dates and Times by the SouperBowl Banner and for all the Carpenter Fellowship volunteers who along with our Boy Scout Troop 680 collected (food and donations), counted items and packed bags for transport of over 3127 food items and $4252. Our totals to date are now $66,672 and 90,450 containers of food. Our donation organizations this year were the New Day Ministries of San Diego (formerly Presbyterian Urban Ministries (PUM) and Interfaith Community Services (ICS) of Escondido

In closing, we know your generosity in making SouperBowl 2021 a success was not without personal expense to you and your time. For that, again, we “Thank You.” With God’s blessings, we will continue to reach out to and through our Church family to help those less fortunate and in need.

In His Service,

Craig Riddle and Shelly King

RB Community Carpenter’s Fellowship