Solutions for Change Impacts Lives

Solutions for Change Impacts Lives

"My name is Lynnda and I am 14 years old. I just recently went back to my mother after 5 years in foster care. I will forever be grateful to Solutions for giving my mama a second chance." (Lynnda, Solutions high school student)

Solutions for Change was founded in 1999 by social entrepreneurs Chris and Tammy Megison when they encountered a startling new reality of homelessness as a nine year old girl with her baby sister and their mother bedded down for the night on the floor of an emergency shelter. As more and more families came to the shelter, the Megison's realized they were encountering a huge problem. One unfortunately in which the response system to homelessness was inadequate in dealing with families in crisis.

Big solutions were needed and so with the help of other community leaders and entrepreneurs, they struck out with their plans to create a stable environment for single parent families to learn the skills they need to be good parents, financially responsible, employed and contributing to society. Their plan calls for all parents being helped would work, pay rent, attend on-site workshops/classes, and be engaged in a dynamic coaching system.

Solutions for Change Company Values focus on Integrity of Purpose, Self-Reliance, Positive Attitude, Spiritual Call to Action, Accountability, Commitment to Affect Change, and Meaningful Involvement. All participants in the Solutions University program are required to be drug and alcohol free. Parents commit to a 1000 day program in which they learn job training skills, job search skills, household budgeting, many participate in GED programs, parenting classes, and Bible study groups.

Go on-line to to learn more about their programs but definitely check out their aquaponic farm where they raise lettuce and vegetables that are being sold to restaurants and school districts in North County. You can order your own vegetable box for your family. "Working at the farm and becoming a lead has taught me about taking initiative, being accountable, and doing things efficiently." (Lindsay, Solutions resident)

With housing facilities now in Vista, Oceanside, Escondido, and one in Carlsbad under construction Solutions for Change is making a difference in the lives of homeless families in North County. The families they currently help to provide housing for include over 300 children. "I found myself in an unhealthy and abusive relationship. I was married with two small children and remember feeling so miserable and trapped. One morning be punched me and I realized I had no choice but to leave. When I heard about Solutions for Change I almost didn't believe it was real. My kids and I finally have a safe place to live. I have learned a lot about my codependency and have been empowered by the staff and given new hope. I have gained full-time employment and have enrolled in Palomar College to continue my education." (Kayla, Solutions resident)

To find out more about Solutions for Change and volunteer opportunities go online to RB Community has been a partner with Solutions for the past ten years by providing meals, backpacks, household supplies, Christmas decorations, blankets and financial donations.