Seeking New Christian Leaders

Seeking New Christian Leaders

The ties that bind our hearts in Christian love are being put to the test. Thanks to the leadership of our pastors, our staff, our elders, and our deacons, our community is holding together. Each of them would agree that the sacrifices they are making today are given in the certainty that, one day, we will gather again in our sanctuary to worship God. We are a strong church, because we have strong leadership. Strong church leadership comes from church members whom God calls into service. Listen for that call—and respond willingly!

This year due to our campus being closed we are calling for elder and deacon nominations on line.  If you wish to nominate yourself or another person who has given you permission, please request a nomination form from Amy Wazny.  Her email address is   When you have completed your form, please return it to her at the same address.   Your ONC would like to receive these forms by mid-September at the latest.

This year of unprecedented challenges provides us with an extraordinary opportunity to grow in our faith and our trust in Holy Spirit.  The more we depend on our God for guidance and discernment, the more we experience his grace and never-ending love.  What a wonderful invitation.  Our prayer for you is that you discover in your heart the desire to respond to God calling you to His service in our church family.

The Officer Nominating Committee

Irene Dunny, Chair, Janet Waidelich

Chris Cook, Amy Wazny

CB Norris, Richard Fowler

Tim Tweeten