Resale Shop Update

Resale Shop Update

Dear Resale Shop Council and Resale Shop volunteers,

We met as Session (Elders) this evening, January 6th, following a year’s worth of discussions about the future of our Resale Shops, and we finally decided to close operations by the end of the lease, 30 April 2020. As you know, our lease ends then, and the issue of moving to a new location by the end of April is the issue we had to discern. We, your elected Elders, are solely responsible for this decision, and you must know it has been a difficult process.

In sum, we have agonized over this for the better part of 2019. We created two separate task forces, involved our Administration and Finance team, and all worked to determine what options exist moving forward.

There were several overriding factors, including zoning issues, uncertain revenue projections, limited sites, and the reality of a changing retail environment. As you know, other resale shops, our neighbors, also already concluded they would not continue with their shops. Again, nothing about this was easy, and we are in fact the last of the organizations to come to the same conclusion.

We will all grieve to see our Resale Shops close after they have generated nearly two million dollars over last 25 years for our church missions. It truly is the end of an era, and we thank you for all your efforts as great volunteers and generous donors. We trust that God has plans for us that are better than we can ever imagine.

We have received several ideas about how to move forward that do not involve sales or need to rent a space, but build on the outreach to the community through collecting and distributing items to the needy. We believe some or all of those ideas can be merged into something you can continue to support.

Le’ Kubow and Mel Neville, two current Elders, include their emails as contact points for your further questions or comments:

Le’: and/or Mel:

Again, thank you for being an important part of a wonderful ministry.

Your current Ruling Elders,

The RB Community Presbyterian Church