Raising A Voice - Missionary Update

Raising A Voice - Missionary Update

One of our homegrown missionaries, Linley Sullivan Krahel moved to Knoxville and joined forces with a non-profit that reaches out to women, girls, and boys caught in the net of human trafficking. Raising A Voice works on both the international and local level to provide safe housing, counseling support, and the love of Jesus to those seeking an escape.

Overseas Update - COVID 19 has affected all of us in a variety of ways but it's difficult for me to think about life outside of my bubble of Knoxville, TN; to think about how people in other countries are handling this crisis. Our missionaries in Argentina have been not only navigating a global pandemic but also navigating a collapsing economy and very strict quarantine which did not allow them to leave their property except for necessities. Our Mission in Argentina is run by an American couple named Ben & Rachel King. They moved to Buenos Aires five years ago, after doing extensive research on trafficking in South America, to start the first Christian safe house in the country of Argentina. Since they moved, they have helped over 50 women coming out of trafficking and helped them start a new life. Their ministry is incredible and though things are different due to COVID; they are still working in their community, doing what they can to talk to their girls that have left the program on the phone, checking in on them and making sure they are doing okay; also running a virtual church service and finding other ways to love on their community with such harsh restrictions. Please be praying for our ministry in Argentina as they adjust in these unprecedented times and continues to share Jesus in Buenos Aires

Summer in Knoxville, TN has been one of immense change, growth and humidity. We had four summer interns with us all summer who helped us open our drop-in center, do outreach in our drop-in center neighborhood and did about anything we needed. It was such a blessing to have the extra help in such a busy summer. Also, this summer, we were awarded a grant which allowed us to buy and make up 50 COVID cleaning kits to hand out to people in our community. It was such a sweet ministry for our neighbors who many can’t afford to can’t buy basic cleaning supplies and how grateful everyone was.  Ministry this summer has been abundant and safe socially distance wise. Matt & I also continued to navigate working, social distancing and trying to continue to explore our new city. We have enjoyed a lot of time together, taking our dog Molly to the dog park, hiking and exploring the Smoky Mountains. Thank you for your continued prayers and I look forward to sharing more of what God does through Raising a Voice.  

Prayer Requests

  • We have encountered many roadblocks when it comes to opening our coffeeshop. Please pray for swift permitting process and for us to be able to open our doors soon 

  • Prayers for Ben & Rachel in Argentina as they navigate strict rules and continue to love on trafficked women

  • Prayers for the east Knoxville community as we enter into cooler months for resources and places to stay for those without homes 

  • Praise for a successful summer and all the women that have been impacted and helped by our dropping center   

Blessings, Linley Krahel   

For more information on human trafficking in the San Diego area you may want to check out the NBC documentary called STOLEN: A yearlong investigation into Child Trafficking and Exploitation.

STOLEN:Child Trafficking & Exploitation