Our Strategy to Reopen

Our Strategy to Reopen

UPDATE May 7, 2021

Regarding on-campus activities, our session has taken a very safe, conservative approach to protecting anyone (Pastors, staff, volunteers, worshippers and any others) coming onto our campus by following all San Diego County health directives and California State Guidelines.  Both of these may have taken a strict approach to the CDC recommendations.  As the guidelines change and loosen, we still try to weigh the safety and concerns of any one coming on campus or worshipping in the Sanctuary.  We acknowledge that the threat of infection, and even death, from COVID-19 still exists, and we firmly believe that it has been and still is the responsibility of the individual to make his/her own decision regarding how much risk he/she wants to take.

The CA Guidance for Places of Worship is the most commonly-used document your COVID-19 Safety Team has used, and continues to use, for our guidance to protect you when on campus.  Here is an excerpt from the overview:

COVID.19.GOV “Industry guidance to reduce risk” last updated April 28, 2021 at 1:17 PM for Places of worship and cultural ceremonies – update April 23, 2021:

In response to recent judicial rulings, effective immediately, location and capacity limits on places of worship are not mandatory but are strongly recommended. Additionally, the restrictions on indoor singing and chanting are recommended only, and are consistent with the recommendations in the guidance on gatherings. Places of worship should discourage audience members from singing, chanting, and similar practices that may increase the likelihood of transmission from contaminated exhaled droplets and aerosols. Performers who are singing, chanting, or playing wind instruments without masks must follow the guidance for live events and performances. The guidance for places of worship and cultural ceremonies is in the process of being updated. All other restrictions in the guidance remain in place. 

Based on this and other CA state guidelines, the only restriction we require for anyone on campus is that you must wear a mask at all times, inside or out.   We strongly recommend that for your personal safety and the safety of others, you socially distance for at least 6 feet with person(s) not in your household.

Because we also acknowledge that some of these recommendations will not be followed by all, we recommend that you do not come onto campus until you feel comfortable in large varied groups.  We strongly encourage all members and guests get vaccinated.

Yes, we can sing in the Sanctuary, hopefully very softly, as it is permitted, though it is still “strongly discouraged by our CA state guidelines.

Let us also be mindful that there are many in our congregation who still do not feel comfortable coming back into the Sanctuary or even onto campus, so we must respect them and their desire for their safety.  We continue to offer live streaming of our worship service and other online worship opportunities, including contemporary, for these brothers and sisters in Christ.

Another portion of our congregation want to return to campus, but desire to keep social distance from others.  Accordingly, we will continue to make the right side of the Sanctuary with “red- and green-marked” pews and chairs designated for social distancing.  We do ask that anyone choosing to sit in that section be mindful of others, and attempt to keep the social distance from anyone who wishes the same.   To provide as many spaces as possible, we ask that those choosing to sit in the “social distancing” side to find friends or acquaintances with whom they are comfortable and sit together.   We must caution you that we pray this approach works, but it may be necessary to use some of the red-marked pews if we fill all the available spaces before the service starts.

And finally, to all, please remember there are many ways of greeting each other, and not everyone is comfortable with another’s desire to touch or not touch.  Be aware of each other’s signals and greet each other on common ground.  

A few other things we have been doing are no longer required by the State Guidelines, and we will make these changes immediately.

  1. You no longer have to RSVP on line to come to worship

  2. We will not take temperatures before entering to worships

  3. We will not require anyone to check in at the door

  4. Doors from the lower parking lot will be open

  5. Ushers will ask specifically whether you want to sit on socially-distanced side

  6. Unless you ask or arrive late, the ushers will let you sit where you choose in the side you choose

  7. After the benediction ushers will not dismiss you by rows, but you are reminded of our Sisters and Brothers in Christ sitting on the socially-distanced side (you are welcome to stay in place and listen to the Postlude).

Your COVID-19 Safety Team thanks you for working with us to keep our congregation and community safe.  We welcome your questions or comments:

Le’ Kubow

Mel Neville

UPDATE September 15th, 2020 - This is the outline of our strategy to activate in person activities on our RB Community campus. Safety is of the utmost importance - we not only serve each other as the body of Christ, but all San Diego city residents. This plan also honors the authority of our Elders who have encouraged a cautious, gradual strategy to meet together again in person. Our online worship will continue throughout each reopening phase.

{May 2020} COMPLETED

{Test Phase} COMPLETED

  • Continue online worship

  • Launch first in-person outdoor small gatherings

  • Anticipated start - June 3rd Pastor Mofid's Class, June 7th 1st Prayer Gathering

NOW Phase 1 - began JUNE 21st

  • Online Worship continues

  • Special Drive-In Services added

  • On campus Youth activities added

  • One limited in-person English worship service and one limited Arabic service

    • 9:00 a.m. English (100 maximum)

      • UPDATE Jun 2020: CA restrictions moved us back to COURTYARD ONLY

      • UPDATE Aug 2020: CA restrictions opened possibility of indoor worship at 100 WITH NO SINGING - currently we maintain outside for worship

    • 11:30 a.m. Arabic (100 maximum)

      • UPDATE: Arabic service following English service guidelines

Phase 2 

  • Evaluate additional services. Continue online worship and classes with additional on-campus meetings

Phase 3

  • Evaluate and adjust schedule and programs as needed.


  • Add the vocal choirs, embrace new safety requirements, schedule and program as able to position us for the future.

Each phase will be adjusted based on what we learn as we regather together, and as we share wisdom with other churches. We are firmly committed to following local and federal guidelines while we honor the discernment of our Elders to move with intentionality and caution to reopen. Thank you for your graciousness and support during these phases of being the church.