Our Focus for 2020

Our Focus for 2020

The elders of RB Community approved a new focus for the calendar year 2020. We’ve done this before, creating a task force for 2019 consisting of elders, deacons, members and staff to help us “focus” on God’s vision through John 7:38. Following 2019’s Focus Team recommendations, our Session agreed to narrow our efforts from multiple focus points down to one. Five church members begin their service to the Lord as our 2020 Focus Team this month.

The team consists of one elder, one deacon, one strategy specialist, a Lutheran pastor, a prayer partner and our Senior Pastor. Their work will focus on one primary area for 2020:  OUTREACH, consisting of BRICKS as focus points to both serve our community and also let our community know we’re a great place to grow in Christ. 

One thing stays the same - we continue to embrace God’s vision found in the words of Jesus from the Gospel of John. “{A}nd let the one who believes in me drink. As the scripture has said, ‘Out of the believer’s heart shall flow rivers of living water.’” (John 7:38 - The attached photo is the fountain outside our sanctuary with the summary of Jesus's words). The vision from God’s word is clear, concise and a call commitment. Our commitment this year is to focus on outreach, with an invitation for each person in our faith family to proclaim, “I love my church. We love our community.”

We’re just beginning to name the elements within the focus on outreach; ideas about local missions and advertising and acts of compassion are taking shape. For now, we ask you to pray Holy Spirit wisdom for each of the folks on our 2020 Focus Team. We’ll share more about them in our newsletter and coming articles.

The 2020 Focus Team will update our elders and our church family about their progress, needs and specific opportunities to join in the Lord’s work. 

Let us all join together in stating, “I love my church. We love our community.