Missions Committee Update

Missions Committee Update

As we approach the annual campaign in December for funding missions and missionaries, the Missions Committee wants you to be aware of what our congregation has actively supported this fiscal year here and abroad:

New church startups in Baja, Mexico, a Christian children's school in Bolivia, evangelists attending a Bible college in South Africa, providing assistance to orphans in South Africa and Kenya, teacher and military ministries in Mongolia, a prison ministry in Latin America, Presbyterian pastors and their families in Egypt, ministry to enslaved females in various countries, evangelism in Zambia by a spousal team from the Middle East and Brazil, international campus ministry in northern California and local campus ministry in San Diego, hurricane relief in Louisiana and fire relief in California.

The Missions Committee has also endorsed 28 other missions and missionaries. Endorsed means we have vetted them and consider them worthy of your support but currently do not receive funding directly from RB Community. More information on all of our missions, missionaries, and ministries are available on our website under Missions.

We request that you join us in supporting these missions during the Missions funding campaign in December. You can mark the amount to be designated to Missions on the outside of your giving envelope or designate your contribution to Missions on the RB Community website giving page.

Thank you for your generosity and know that your Mission dollars are helping many individuals and communities around the world. If you have questions, please feel free to contact any of the following elected Missions Committee members.

Craig Riddle, Pam King, Sharon Maruo, Chuck Deckert, Frank Wesley and ExOfficio members Frances Lin, Executive Director and Elaine Johnson, Outreach Coordinator