Missionary Update: Jill Weller

Missionary Update: Jill Weller

Jill went on her first mission trip with RB Community in 2006 with Rev. Ray Sparling and felt God move in her life. Answering the call, she moved to Kenya in April 2008 to work at a children's home only to find out that child abuse was happening on a regular basis. The former Kenyan pastor was ousted from the home for sexual abuse.

Jill, with the help of other Kenyan missionaries and board members, founded a new children's home. In the US, she started her own non-profit: Walindwa (which means "guarded" or "protected" in reference to the children.

She travels to Kenya about 3 times per year to help with current projects at the home and school.

Join Jill Weller on CHURCH CHAT as she shares the story of her call to be a missionary in Kenya and current information about Walindwa on Wednesday, August 19 at 7:00pm.