Missionary Update: CRU Bridges - San Francisco

Missionary Update: CRU Bridges - San Francisco

Join CHURCH CHAT (link below) on Wednesday, August 12 at 7:00pm to learn more about Jenny Hurn's experience as a missionary with international students in San Francisco. The following is her letter to supporters about the Good News continuing to be shared in the Bay area.

Dear RB Community Friends and Family,

Over the past several months, COVID-19 has occupied a significant portion of our collective minds and hearts as we adapt to the new realities of social distancing. Working with international students in the San Francisco Bay Area, our Bridges community has been deeply impacted by the effects of this virus. I am in contact with our international students and volunteers, all of whom are healthy and safe. Many feel nervous and scared and some have chosen to return to their home countries. Even so, most students remain sheltered-in-place, hungry for community and comfort.

Though COVID-19 has pushed ministry online, God is opening up people's hearts and minds in profound ways. In the past two months, we have seen the number of students engaged in Bible studies increase dramatically as they've moved to online platforms; and students are asking more spiritual questions than ever before. Three international students have even made decisions to follow Jesus for the very first time!

I am so thankful that we worship a God who is a refuge in times of trouble, that He is with us in this season. I am praying for you and your family today. May the peace of Christ bring you hope and joy!

Jenny Hurn, RB Community Missionary

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