Memories Made, Foundations Laid

Memories Made, Foundations Laid

Summer Camp brings back fond memories for many youths over the years. Sadly, camps nationwide were closed down last year, but this summer, we were able to get right back at it and begin making those memories again.

I recently had a former student ask me what I liked most about camps, and I reflected on the value of how much relationship progress happens over such a short time, and this summer was no exception. Spending a week with our students, having a blast, fixing our eyes on Jesus, and dreaming about what this coming year in student ministries can look like was valuable for both students and myself.

As we got to see, know, and experience God together through worship, biblical teaching, and friendly team recreation, we established bonds with momentum as our students prepare to embark on a new school year this week.

We are excited to begin in-person mid-week programs for both our high school and middle school students, God willing, in September as we continue to build on the relationships we established.