Many Hands Make Light Work

Many Hands Make Light Work

For the past 20 years, RB Community has offered a wonderful ministry called “Helping Hands.” This ministry has loving volunteers who make house calls to help community members in areas such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry and gardening. As the years have brought changes to our needs, they now include some technology repairs! 

Now before you go thinking you are going to save more than ‘a bundle’ on your to-do list, know that while these volunteers may know the trade for which they are called, they are retired.  And retirees work lightly. (smiley face)

There is no charge for this service but contributions for the product(s) needed to be replaced or fine-tuned is appreciated.  This allows the ministry to offset any expenses that are not able to be covered. 

This year marks the passing of the baton (or hammer so to speak) from Dick Kurtz (yes) to Terry Norwood. We recognize Dick for the 15 years of dedication coordinating this ministry. Thank you Dick!

Huge thanks to Terry for stepping in. Terry writes:

“It’s a new decade and we need some new pals. There is a small team that could use some back up assistance.  Please email to volunteer to be a part of our ministry.  All handy-pal skills are necessary. Should you need a repair, fill out the form at the church Welcome Center volunteer desk. This will provide me information to access your needs and find the ministry “handy-pal” (term replacing handyman) that is appropriate for your request. 

Please keep in mind we should not be considered for an emergency but do give us try.  Lightbulb changes and simple leaks are our specialty, that is until our ministry grows. (smiley face)

Join us, Find Your Fit, and know that you are a blessing in God’s kingdom.

 Handy-Pals in Christ,

Terry Norwood

Helping Hands Coordinator

For questions or more information, please contact Pastoral Care at 858-487-0811 ext 221