Live Nativity Drive Thru

Live Nativity Drive Thru

Click Here to watch a video of the nativity

When Moses came down from Mount Sini, and Jesus experience the transfiguration on the mountain, the bible tells us that the faces of both Moses and Jesus shone like the sun. This is what can happen when you have a spiritual experience with the presence of God. Well, the collective face of our church is shining today from the mountain top experience we had with the Drive-Thru Nativity. With more than 1800 cars driving the nativity scenes, and an estimated collective of 5000 people in those cars, RB Community Church filled a need felt by the whole community. I received a note which read in part, “this is just what we needed to get us back into the Christmas spirit.” We give gratitude to God for the talented direction from Olivia Donald, the set designers, costume creators, lighting technicians, each of the actors, Richard Klusmeier, who stayed up all night as our set security guard, and our custodial and facility staff who directed a constant stream of traffic for four hours. If you were not able to make the Nativity click the link above and enjoy the video.

As Christmas is here, and we celebrate Emmanuel, may our minds be opened to how we can live lives that show God is with us in the New Year. One way that we can make certain of this in 2021 is by joining a class for the Spring 2021 Semester in the College of the Bible. Check out the new Spring 2021 Course Catalogue.

Our faces shine bright as we have experienced the presence of God in ministry with you and Kimberley and I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!