Join our spiritual leadership team

Join our spiritual leadership team

Elders Are Not Older saints, and the church is definitely not ageist. Here’s a little-known fact to prove it: You don’t have to be older to be an elder. And even better news: The Lord will provide the wisdom you need to help make RB Community Church the best it can be. Click here to find out more about who can be an elder and what they do. Strong churches take energetic leaders, regardless of age. Older elders are also welcome to apply.

One of our currently serving elders Le’ Kubow, responded to the question of what she liked about being an elder and what she has learned

I like serving as an elder.  This is one of the greatest gifts I personally can give to God and His church, to use my experience and talents to help move the church forward.  I enjoy working through issues with my fellow elders on Session, not always in agreement at the start, but always in concert with Spirit filled decisions.  God uses and has need of all kinds of people to lead His church.  

If you feel called to join this spiritual leadership team, please click here to access the nomination form.  If you have questions you can email Amy Wazny at