How Do Those Who Give Care, Stay Encouraged?

How Do Those Who Give Care, Stay Encouraged?

These months of facing the covid-19 have been intense for many people. Those who were already facing challenges; whether health, financial, relational, were doubly stretched. We continue to pray for God’s strength and encouragement.

We also recognize that those who walk alongside of them share that intensity. How do these people stay encouraged? They may be walking alongside of several people going through difficult times. What is their secret?

Those who encourage others benefit from the support of their peers. One person at RB Community Church writes:

I know I experience some of the signs of distress listed in the Newsletter article. one part of me says I "should" write a testimony to share but I am "dry bones" when it comes to putting pen to paper - just sort of uninspired, empty. It's too quiet at home most of the time, no family around. But I'm re-energized when I'm in contact with a loving Stephen Minister. they are trained to listen and share the love of Jesus. I am so grateful to RB Community Church for providing men & women, who through Holy Spirit encourage and comfort us in our time of need. Truly, we are never alone, and help is just a phone call away!

Here are comments from three people on how their daily habits, as well as support of their peers, have helped:

Every morning my devotional and prayer time sets my mood for the day. Sitting quietly, waiting for Holy Spirit guidance, and talking to other Stephen Ministers, encourages. me. I am thankful that I saved many of Pastor Bryan’s devotionals. I have had the time to read slower and even study some of the Scriptures that he has shared over the months. So thankful for his encouragement that keeps on giving. I’ve been reading the Bible more than ever before and been listening. I see how this affects all my relationships. We had a family “zoom” Mother’s Day Gathering. It was a treasured time shared in a way we never could have imagined in years past. We giggled and chatted, shared so many moments in each other’s lives. The devotional book, “Jesus Calling” has some incredible readings for May featuring God’s presence… My hand never let’s go of yours……  To me the May Jesus Calling devotionals seem made for 2020.

Some people have found that caring for people as a team has been helpful.

I enjoy doing practical things for people such as dropping off groceries, filling a prescription or mowing a lawn. I am grateful to be part of a team with people who enjoy other aspects of caring for people such as phone meetings and writing cards of encouragement. It has lightened my load to know that several people are bringing their gifts and abilities to love others. I have also been blessed by the care receiver’s prayers for me and their gratitude has been a great source of encouragement. How have you stayed encouragement through this time with one another? We would love to hear from you.

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