Eye Opening Mission Trip

Eye Opening Mission Trip

My family has been involved at RB Community for a number of years and it was through the youth ministry that I became interested in mission and service to others. Currently, I am a junior at Grand Canyon University majoring in Hospitality. This past summer I had the privilege of going on a mission team trip to Cambodia and Thailand with other GCU students through an organization called Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue works in countries all around the world to get children out of sex trafficking.

While my team was in Cambodia and Thailand we got to visit the safe homes where the girls who have been rescued are staying and we hung out and played games with them, and saw the vocational training they are doing. We also got to meet the employees and volunteers of Destiny Rescue who have dedicated their lives to the fight against human trafficking.

While in Cambodia we learned about the genocide that contributed to the problems of poverty and sex slavery in the country, and we learned that the culture there says that the sexual exploitation of women is normal and ok. In Bangkok, Thailand, we walked through the red light district and saw the girls and women dressed in hardly anything with numbers pinned to their chest so that they could be chosen by number. We saw the reality of sex trafficking and how nobody seems to talk about it.

Upon returning to GCU after the trip I joined the Anti-Trafficking ministry on campus. This year, I have been helping to plan events on campus to help raise awareness about human trafficking. This has been an amazing way for me to be able to do something to fight against human trafficking because it can feel like a hopeless fight at times. But God is always in control and I am so grateful that He sent me on a mission trip to Thailand and Cambodia because it opened my eyes to the injustices of this world and broke my heart for things that surely break His. I believe there is so much that God does through missions. He used a mission trip to give me a passion to fight for His people who are in bondage and I am so grateful for that. I am also so grateful for RB Community because that is where my heart for missions began and was developed.