Did You Know...You Can Be an Encourager to Others

Did You Know...You Can Be an Encourager to Others

I was in a meeting on Saturday and the person praying at the end said “stay safe and make a significant difference”. I wrote that down right away, because it was encouraging. How can we encourage others during this lockdown? Think about the question that Pastor Bryan posed on Sunday during his sermon. “Who is God calling you to affirm?”

A local mission supported by our church is Solutions for Change. With food donations, they are asking people to include letters of encouragement in order to help families get through this. Many have lost jobs or are balancing work at home with homeschooling their children. What is something you can say to help a family get through their day?

There are people in our congregation and our community who need support right now as they feel lonely and isolated. I know when I watch our online services with the pictures people send in, it helps me feel connected to our faith family. I like the comments on Facebook or YouTube as it helps me know they are there with me. We are apart and some people have no family in the area or can’t get to them.

So, who is God calling us to affirm? We can affirm our church staff as they are working diligently to bring us online classes and services for all ages. We can affirm people who are in need of food by including letters of encouragement. Our family, friends, and community are there for us, and we can be there for them.

How do you fit in God’s family? Consider being an agent of affirmation. Can you pray for families in need? Can you donate food or write a letter of encouragement? Can you call a church member or friend to check in? In the next week or so, we will have more information on the website, Facebook, and in the weekly enews from Pastor Bryan how you can help others in our community. Thank you for your extra efforts always to impact our community and help others through this difficult time of isolation. We love you. We know God is with us. You are courageous!