Did You Know...Try Receiving and Releasing

Did You Know...Try Receiving and Releasing

Last week, we delivered over six truck / car loads of food to Friends and Family Community Connections. Someone from FFCC called Elaine Johnson to say how blessed they feel that our church is helping to support their food pantry now serving up to 1700 families. We will continue the collection every week in May on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 9 to 11 am to help other nonprofits connected to our church. Thank you to everyone who has helped with our Food Drop-Off Collection! Thank you to the people dropping off the food, working at the church to get the food out of everyone’s trunks, and the people delivering the food to the organizations. It really takes a team to make all of this happen.

As Pastor Bryan said in his sermon last week, “We have a faith family to help you get through it”. Life has been difficult the past two months as we have struggled being isolated at home. You worry about going to the grocery store and exposing yourself to the virus. Some people are out of jobs and desperately need the food we are collecting. Parents are working at home and having to teach their children. Students are trying to manage online classes. There is frustration in human existence. A year ago we could never have imagined what today would look like, but your faith family is here for you.

While I was writing this article, someone from the Relationship Principles of Jesus class sent me a prayer by Sheridan Voysey that helps you think about what you can receive from God and what you can release. This might be a new way to look at this two-month lockdown as a time to receive from God and release some of our negative ways of approaching life. Reflect and enjoy this next week as you see how God is part of your life. My faith family is helping me to get through this by providing inspiration like this prayer. Thank you faith family for all you are doing for each other! I love my church! We love our community!

The Breath Prayer

Lord God, fill me with your Holy Spirit

I receive your Love and release my insecurity

I receive your joy and release my unhappiness

I receive your peace and release my anxiety

I receive your patience and release my impulsiveness

I receive your kindness and release my indifference

I receive your goodness and release my ungodliness

I receive your faithfulness and release my disloyalty

I receive your gentleness and release my severity

I receive your self-control and release my self-indulgence