Did You Know...Relationships are Important

Did You Know...Relationships are Important

It is amazing how God puts us in a new space and provides the resources for you to reflect, learn, and grow in your faith with Him. I am doing two unrelated things right now, but they have a connection. First, I am taking Kathy Wesley’s online class called Relationship Principles of Jesus. Second, I am analyzing the results of a University of San Diego student survey about how the students are managing online classes and how USD can support them. These two things tie together since it all comes down to relationships.

In Kathy’s class, we talked about how nothing is more important than relationships. We help ourselves and others as we bond over our similarities and differences (“You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” Matthew 22:39). Kathy and I are always talking about our God or Holy Spirit moments. We somehow happen to be in the right place at the right time for something amazing to happen. Our relationship allows us to listen to each other, make progress, care about each other, and want to make a difference in each other’s lives and then impact more people.

When I have been analyzing the information about USD students, I see how these times of moving classes from a classroom to online are stressing students and causing concern for their mental health. They are missing their friends and relationships which were part of their lives on campus and in class. They remember working with friends to complete assignments. They would talk to their professors to understand the material and then learn more about each other. Now they are working on homework alone at home. Many said they came to USD for the small class sizes and the closer connection to faculty. They want to love their neighbor but feel isolated from those neighbors right now. The accompanying picture includes two of my previous students who have graduated, but we still see each other at women’s basketball games. We value this continuing relationship.

I worry about our people who are alone and waiting patiently for the opportunity to reconnect with and hug their friends and family. If you can do a church online class where you can see and talk with others, please try it out. (See the options on the church website under Events.) It helps so much to love your neighbor as yourself. It helps to be confident in God’s grace so you can persevere. We are in this together and want to maintain our relationships.