Did You Know...Positive Messages

Did You Know...Positive Messages

How did you survive last week? It was definitely a new way of living. The one thing that really lifted me up was the online worship service. I felt like I was in the sanctuary with others. I saw our pastors and musicians who lifted me up with their words and music.

As Pastor Bryan talked about in his online sermon, I really have felt like our church is communicating positive ways to keep people in touch. John Scholte will have online classes so you don’t have to miss learning and connecting with God. We have Diana reading stories to young children. The Hymn sing is every Thursday night. (For me, this is great since I can sing as loudly as I want and no one will know how badly I sing!) All of these are reminders that God is Great and His glory will never perish.

I Love My Church as we are communicating positive messages about how to live and connect with others during these different times. I feel the freedom from driving in busy traffic as I get to stay home in my sweatshirt and sweatpants and create a new schedule that is less hectic. I have had online meetings where we are listening to others. I truly feel uplifted by this new way of living. Lent is a time of fasting and reflecting. This new schedule is allowing me time to do that: fast from driving and reflect how God is working in my life to make a difference for others.

For this week, think about how you are loved. You are loved by your family, friends, and especially your church faith family. Even though we cannot hold hands and hug each other, close your eyes and imagine that someone is with you and appreciating all you do. I just gave you a hug! You are wonderful and God is with us!