Did You Know...It is Time to Reflect

Did You Know...It is Time to Reflect

In the Good Friday Service, Pastor Bryan mentioned that this is a time of reflection. Then, in the Easter Service, he mentioned that we can be a new creation in God. We can get rid of the “weeds” in our life and dedicate our life to Him.  Last week I sent out an email to some of my church family and asked them what they were thankful for during this difficult time.

Many people said they are thankful for technology so they can stay connected with friends and family. They appreciated the staff that is enabling us to worship together online. Sometimes we don’t realize what we have and what has been given to us until we stop for a moment and reflect. Some people were thankful to take time out to see what God has to offer us and how He is connecting with us.

--I am really thankful that in such difficult times we are drawn even closer to God, and be connected through online worship from our own home.  I see many online hymn sings besides our own, from all over the world, and it is very powerful to see the music and praises lifting up to God.  It's good to sing the hymns and worship/pray with the video, and know that I am not alone in this trying time.

-- I am thankful for the sky and clouds. The clouds have been dramatic: fluffy, fast, slow, threatening; whimsical. Each time I look up, I feel wonder, comfort and peace as I know God is with us and I give thanks.

--I am grateful to be able to go out and walk in this beautiful weather and see people in my neighborhood I have not seen before, especially families - parents walking with their kids. We wave and smile at each other as we keep our distance.

--When I walk outside and look up into a blue, cloud filled, or gray sky, I am reminded of how God blesses us daily.

--I am grateful that He’s got the whole world in His Hands as the song goes.

--I am thankful I get to keep working with people remotely and doing jobs I love!

We are having time to reflect since we are not having to drive everywhere, and we just went through Holy Week reflecting what Jesus went through for us. Think about how you can be a new creation in God and dedicate your life to Him. How can you change your perspective and see what is possible in Christ?