Children's Coordinator Recognized for Service

Children's Coordinator Recognized for Service

Brianna Mitchelson, has lovingly served as our Coordinator of Children’s ministry for the past year. Now, to prepare for her husband Matthew’s transfer out of state, she has to step down from this ministry. Brianna commented on her time with us, “While I regret that my tenure at RB Community Church was brief, I am utterly grateful for the time I have been a part of this ministry.”

Pastor John said, “She get’s my vote for teacher of the year. She did a spectacular job with our young kids and played a key role in the success of moving our children’s programing online.” 

Everyone is invited to watch the Next Wave teaching videos Brianna created for our Children’s ministry. The videos can be found here. Please send her a note of thanks, and keep the Mitchelson family in your prayers, as God calls them to a new field of ministry.  

You can send your note of thanks to

We are thankful that Olivia Donald has agreed to fill this position and has been working with Brianna to make this a smooth transition.