Be Right with God

Be Right with God

MY Daily devotionals are free, sharable, daily inspirational snippets posted every day, all year. A recent devotional resonated with folks, so it's post in its entirety below.

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Pastor Dr Bryan Stamper

Romans 4:3    “What does Scripture convey? “Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness.”"

Travelled by plane lately? Be aware of the changes. Our family recently went coast to coast, full face masks the entire way, and we experienced the COVID19 impact.

  • Less people are traveling, but the lines are slower.

  • Many food stops in the airports are closed.

  • Your face gets face-mask itchy after a few hours.

This morning, candidly, I’m reflecting on more than the external changes to travel. More embarrassing to admit:  I am a different traveller than in years past because there are internal changes happening within me. I am irritable, unaware of my discomfort, and quick to convey visible signs of exasperation when going through the airport experience. There is nobody to blame, so these manifestations pass along to people who are doing their jobs (keeping us safe, getting us to our destinations, answering our questions). 

There is a truth seminary teachers convey to students preparing for ministry, “People in your churches often take their frustrations out on you.” It’s the same for teachers, police officers, and people in service oriented businesses. People in certain jobs get the brunt of people’s emotional pain because people do not have outlets to vent/decompress/express their feelings. 

So now I am adding to the list, “airport workers.” They are easy to pick on because they are in positions of authority, they are often conveying bad news, and we have expectations of good service that are sometimes not rational. Machines break, flights get delayed, weather in other parts of the country impact airports. And so on. 

And right now, people are taking their frustrations out on others.

There is something for believers to consider from today’s passage in Romans:  righteousness. When we are right with God (righteous) as described in Scripture, we have something more than comfort in knowing our eternal destination. We also have Holy Spirit working to make us better blessings to others in this lifetime. One aspect of this spiritual upgrade involves a connection to God that improves our mental well-being. 

And right now, everybody’s mental well-being is being tested. 

Have you searched your heart before the Lord lately? Be encouraged to know God is merciful, just, slow to anger, and understanding of the human condition. And God wants others to connect with Holy Spirit through your personal manifestation of “being righteous” in Christ. Take a moment and analyze where you are having a tough time, and admit this to the Lord. Ask for a heart that is open to healing, a mind open to learning, and a spirit willing to be aligned to the Lord’s will.Recently my wife joined a Zoom meeting in which parents were giving the administrators a tough time about decisions being made for the fall. It’s ugly. And ugliness has the potential to spread pain and nastiness from person to person. So remember:  you will run into folks who have been on the receiving end of irritable people, and they’ve had enough. You will encounter people who have received bad news about their work, finances, or future prospects. And you yourself may be experiencing a tendency to be short-tempered, irritable and grumpy due to the circumstances we are all living into.

Give yourself some space to hear forgiveness extended to you from the Lord. He died to overcome sin. God calls sinners to be reconciled, forgives those who repent, and transforms the people of God on a daily basis. 

And then ponder how you might be healed in order to extend healing connections with people today. And let us pray for extra reserves of grace, that we might be agents of soothing relief for hurting people around us. 

Traveling is not the same, but neither is just about anything else, either. And everybody in service industries is getting an earful of complaints, concerns and pointed conversations. 

Be righteous. Be gracious. Know you are forgiven, and know the Lord wants to bring healing through you. 

From a forgiven sinner, with gratitude,

Pastor Bryan