Adult Education Will Be Different This Semester

Adult Education Will Be Different This Semester

Our College of the Bible will have a much different look for this Summer Semester. Normally, we would be distributing our Catalogue to the congregation on Easter Sunday. However, as it has affected so many educational institutions, the COVID-19 virous has brought change to the College of the Bible. As you probably experienced, our Spring 2020 semester was interrupted by the restrictions on public gatherings and social distancing. However, the positive side is the renewed focus on our online courses, which continue to grow. We are working to complete our Spring classes via our online platform or through Zoom. Please contact your instructor for more information. If you don’t have your instructors e-mail I will help you make contact.

If you haven’t taken one of our online courses here are the directions on how to access them. Web Address:

Type the Web Address into your browser. You will reach SCS University which assists the College of the Bible with its online platform. Select “Enroll Now.” Complete the Enrollment Form. Agree to the “Terms of use and privacy policy.” Select “Sign Up.” Choose Course. Select videos to watch.

It’s that simple, and something you can do from the comfort of your own home, anytime day or night. Check back often because we are adding more classes. Also check the RB Community Church Facebook page and YouTube channel.

With the unknown of when the restrictions will be lifted, and the various levels of technological skills, the Summer session is holding true to our Presbyterian motto: “Always Reformed and Reforming!” At present, the Education Ministry Team is progressing forward with the understanding that our Summer 2020 Semester will be all online. We are working to get the various classes into an online format, or if that is not possible to save the class for the Fall Semester, when we hope the restrictions are lifted. The Summer Semester will not have a Catalogue, we will be posting classes as things develop online and through e-mail.

As you know we had to cancelled the very popular “Cooking the Passover Lamb” class this year. However, we formed a new online cooking show Cooking with Kimberley and the first episode “Lamb! It’s What ‘s for Dinner!” was very well received. A new episode “Cooking for One” is being planned for late Spring, or early summer. Thank you to Kimberley Scholte for her willingness to develop this new show.

I am excited to introduce the newest member of our faculty, Dr. Bill Flittie, who will be teaching a new class, we hope to get online, about the Cathers. Maybe you have never heard of the Cather, but it is a harrowing tale of a desperate people in a small corner of France who defied the kings of Europe and the Pope. The Cathars, whose religion was based on the Gospels but contradicted the tenets set forth by Rome, found themselves the focus of ruthless repression. In systematic waves of brutal persecution, thousands of Cathars were captured, summarily tried, and burned at the stake as heretics. And yet they showed an ardent faith that will capture your heart. Keep your eye out for when this four-week class will begin. Our college within a college, known as College of Marriage, is beginning again on May 5th this time all online. You can reach the course through the directions to our online College of the Bible given previously. Scott Wood, Carolyn Klusmeier, and Liane Wilson will be teaching this very successful course. You can find more information on our church webpage under News. As many of you know our focus this year at RB Community Church is reaching out to our community. The College of the Bible is joining in this effort. In the Summer Semester we will offer a “Public Speaking” course designed as a community resource for those who are terrified about speaking in public, but find themselves in jobs, schools, churches, or other circumstances that place them in public speaking situations. And yes, this class will be totally on line! Make sure to share this four-week course with neighbors and friends who may not consider attending a “religious” class, but who would consider a self-improvement class. This would be a wonderful way for them to meet people and begin to build relationships with “church” people, even on line Thank you so much for supporting our College of the Bible ministry even in these difficult circumstances! I am also grateful for all the instructors who are willing to learn new ways of teaching, and using technology. In Gratitude, Rev. John M. Scholte, Pastor of Education and Discipleship