A Testimony about Serving Christ and Making Friends

A Testimony about Serving Christ and Making Friends

Karin Spitz, a faithful member of our church family, reflects on her years volunteering at this church after the very successful Hoedown event to bring together LifeGroups and new friends. It was sold out - over 80 people attended! 

“Don’t you just love events, parties, and gatherings?!? It is such a comfortable way to get to know others thru smiles, laughter, fun, music, and easy conversation.  

Events have the volunteering piece. You think it is about giving your time to accomplish tasks that need to be done. Yet, you meet new people and share stories. Friendships are created, and connections are made. All the while you discover that you are working together to glorify God. 

I thought about my lasting friendships as a result of attending or volunteering with Women’s Retreats, Sunday School, Stephen Ministry, Deacons, and covenant groups like Adult Education classes, committees, and Life Groups. I believe these were Divine appointments.

Events and Volunteering have been a source of joy for me. My hope for you is to join in the fun to discover the connections God has waiting for you. You never know the messages He wants to share with you or the joy and love He wants to share thru you.


Short-term LifeGroups are a good way to find others who have an interest similar to yours. Email to find one, or suggest a topic to start a new group. And remember: volunteering and being involved are ways for you to be connected to others, and/or for you to get help when needed. We're so grateful for people like Karin who reflect the love of Christ through service and friendship!