A Letter from your Pastors

A Letter from your Pastors

To the beloved saints of God who together form the Body of Christ as RB Community Church,

Grace to you, and peace, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! We hope this pastoral letter finds you strong and well and held close in the comfort of the Holy Spirit. We write to you, as your pastoral team, in one voice of encouragement because you have so faithfully encouraged us.   

We are grateful for your generous support and commitment to the ministry, which we have together, and we give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve, as your pastors, through this very difficult and trying time. In reflection of our experience, we found that not gathering for Holy Week was one of the hardest things we had to endure, and yet your patience and fortitude were a blessing to us and the Leadership Staff.  

With the eleventh week, since the coronavirus pandemic sent us all to shelter in place, we have reached a time when we can consider our return to campus. 

We are all so weary of not seeing each other face to face, and yet we realize there may be apprehension about basic human contact. There is no doubt that it is exhausting trying to navigate the concerns this virus has placed on us. Not only was it challenging to move our worship and ministry online, but now again, we feel a new challenge as we move towards the inclusion of our campus ministry. 

However, we feel confident because we serve a congregation that has shown, through these many months, a flexibility, resilience, and faithful Christ-like character. Please know that as your pastors, we value and respect this trust you have given us - we love you, but we desire the safest possible transition. We believe that a slow and contemplative plan, to phase in togetherness, is the best approach. And we do have a plan that honors the wisdom of our Elders, staff and key volunteers while most importantly, it glorifies God while keeping us and our larger city safe. 

We understand this phased approach may not be what we all desire, but we do believe a patient and thought filled returned will be blessed by God while bringing spiritual health to our church. We are finalizing specific guidelines and best-practices for our on-campus activities in what our leadership team is naming a “Test Phase” of coming back together.

With this strategy in place, we profess as a pastoral team the same words Paul conveyed to the Church in Corinth, “I rejoice that in everything I have confidence in you.” (2 Corinthians 7:16)

In Gratitude,

  • Pastor John

  • Pastor Mofid

  • Pastor Bryan