1 Year Reading Through Bible Questions

1 Year Reading Through Bible Questions

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Reading Schedule:

Proverbs 27 - Ecclesiastes 12

II Corinthians 8:16 - 13:14


1. Proverbs 27:17 is a very well-known and quoted verse. Want does it mean to you. Give an example of this proverb in real life.

2. Proverbs 30:33 is a very descriptive verse. The use of natural causes and effects to show that anger pressed beyond limits produces conflict. Have you found this verse to be true?

3. The last chapter of Proverbs has a description of a worthy women. Did you know that the wisdom of God is often represented as a woman? If you follow the theme of wisdom, through the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and New Testament, wisdom is also revealed as the Holy Spirit.

4. In our II Corinthian reading, Paul focus’ on a large financial gift that the new gentile churches are giving to the Jerusalem mother church. Note that he sends it to Jerusalem with a pair of distinguished ministers. He follows up with how best to administer the gift and the fact that God loves a cheerful giver. All in chapter 8 and 9. Then he begins Chapter 10 talking about Spiritual Warfare. Think there’s a connection?

5. Paul mentions in Chapter 12:2 “the third heaven.” The first heaven is the earth’s atmosphere (Ge 8:2; Dt 11:11; I Ki 8:35), the second is interplanetary and interstellar (Ge 15:5; Ps 8:3; Is 13:10), the third is the abode of God (I Ki 8:30; 2Ch 30:27; Ps 123:1).

6. Paul concludes his Epistle with how important it is for the Corinthians to examine themselves so that they may not appear unapproved, reminding them that when we are weak, God is strong and that we are then made complete. Take time to test yourself and be real before the Lord. Not to tear down but to be built up in the power and strength of God.